InGAME Industry Taster Post-Event

Posted by Jamie Smith

It was a tremendous feeling to open the doors to the new InGAME R&D Centre and give local game studios a little taste of what InGAME can offer the city of Dundee and beyond. We hope those in attendance enjoyed the experience but for those unfortunate to miss out, we will provide a short overview here.

Sean Taylor, Director of InGAME, welcomed our guests and walked them through the services on offer to the local video game community. Alongside masterclasses, technology test beds and networking events, the centrepiece of the InGAME offer is the R&D voucher scheme, where local studios can apply for a suite of R&D support from our team of research fellows to support the . The voucher scheme launches in July 2019 and we are excited by the potential collaborations discussed in the room.

As everyone digested the opening remarks (and their bacon rolls), we opened the floor to the range of demonstrators from local academics and game studios exhibiting at the event. These handpicked titles were selected to shine a light on the diversity of games and services created within Dundee and highlight the talent accessible through the InGAME Partnership. Ruffian Games showcased their madcap VR compendium ‘RAD TV’ and they had the courtesy to chain off a ‘skelp free zone’ to avoid the flailing arms of competing players. It was fast, furious, a little bit sweaty, but also huge amounts of fun.

On the more meditative scale, Biome Collective exhibited their beautiful VR prototype Garden, which encourages exploration and strategic thinking as players create music through the cultivation of their own colourful wilderness.

Abertay University alumni Pocket Sized Hands demonstrated their Poppy Scotland collaboration ‘Their Memory’, an impressive recreation of the Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory packed full of stories from British veterans. It’s a moving and powerful experience and an example of the industry collaborations we will facilitate through the InGAME programme.

Not to be outdone, our academic showcase brought to life the latest innovations, from squidgy character physics, DIY controllers to water effects. Further highlighting the benefits of games technology to wider society, Andrei Bokio exhibited SiViT, a system which converts systems biology models of cancer cell signalling into interactive simulations that can be used without specialist computational expertise.

Richard Lochhead MSP, Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, was in attendance and said: “The InGAME project shows how cutting edge research and innovation, supported by the Scottish Government and our partners, is bringing together universities and industry to increase knowledge exchange and drive inclusive growth.

“Creative industries, such as gaming, are making a significant contribution to Scotland’s economic growth.”

“By acting as a catalyst for innovation, InGAME is well positioned to help boost growth in the sector by assisting scale-ups and inward investment, as well as providing support to start-ups and SMEs.”

“There is no doubt that Dundee’s videogames industry has benefitted hugely from a unique mix of expertise from local industry, enterprise and academia, and it is fantastic to see that type of collaboration having such a tangible impact.”

We are grateful to our partners at the Scottish Funding Council for facilitating Mr. Lochhead’s visit and for the ongoing support for the project, along with AHRC, who administrate the creative clusters programme. We are currently curating a calendar of events for the rest of 2019 so please keep an eye on our events page.