Pilot Game Jam in collaboration with Beano Studios

Posted by Jamie Smith

Mike Stirling and his colleagues from Beano Studios helped kick off the inaugural InGAME Game Jam. A Game Jam is gathering of artists and developers tasked with planning, designing and developing a game prototype within a short time frame. Beano and its cast of characters are part of the fabric of Dundee and the studio has long embraced videogames as an artform. Mike set the participants the challenge to ‘Think kid!’ and develop a series of game prototypes inspired by the studio’s research into childhood trends.

With only 48 hours to complete their project, the quality of games on show was fantastic, with physical controllers made from whoopee cushions and homemade slime providing particularly memorable experiences.

There were twists on classic formats with a turn-based combat game based around the horror of doing the dishes and a battle collectable game around making the best burger.

We are thrilled that Beano Studios agreed to collaborate for the pilot Game Jam and they left with a wealth of potential ideas for further exploration. We learned a lot about how the mechanics of a Game Jam can drive innovation and our team is continuing to shape the format to deliver exciting new opportunities for the Dundee game sector.

We are grateful to Mike and his team for providing their expertise and we are excited about facilitating further industry and academic collaborations in the future. If you’re interested in participating in a future game jam, or just want to know more about InGAME, contact us at enquiries@innovationforgames.com.