InGAME X KTN Health Care Innovation Sprint

InGAME Wants You!

InGAME is looking for superstar participants for our next Innovation Sprint in collaboration with Hatsumi and the Knowledge Transfer Network. The challenge will involve harnessing the massive innovative potential of games and play to solve a healthcare related problem. This is a fantastic opportunity to use your superpowers to make a real difference…

What’s an Innovation Sprint?

InGAME Innovation Sprints are creative, fast-paced, mission-oriented responses to strategic challenges set by Challenge Champions. Our Champions come from a diversity of sectors, all united by one thing: a recognition of the unique innovation potential of games and play. You’ll work with them to imagine, design and realize proof-of-concept demonstrators that represent the first step in solving difficult problems and realising emerging opportunities. And you do that by harnessing your creative superpowers, working in collaboration with other superstars in cross-functional teams. 

InGAME conducted its inaugural Innovation Sprint with Women In Games in August 2019 and you can read more about that here.

Challenge #2 Hatsumi, in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network

This Innovation Sprint is in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network. This challenge will apply the massive innovation potential of games to solve healthcare problems. Our Challenge Champion for this Sprint, Sara Ticho, is Founder/CEO of Hatsumi, a research and design studio exploring the intersection of arts, health and immersive technology. Her challenge focuses on movement and embodied health, seeking to imagine interactive and immersive experiences that motivate people to engage in exercise and rehabilitative activities to improve their health outcomes.

Why does it matter?

Healthcare is ever expanding, predicted to be worth over $10 trillion by 2022 globally. And it’s a sector packed with challenges – aging and growing populations, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, rising awareness of mental health issues – and consequently full of opportunities to explore new business, prevention and care delivery models. This challenge seeks to applying gaming to innovate a new delivery model that encourages people too busy and not motivated enough to practice fine motor exercises for rehabilitation. Making exercise fun by making it a social and engaging experience can improve adherence and, ultimately, physical and mental health outcomes. Using playful, interactive and immersive experiences can encourage and support people to actively engage in exercise tailored to their own health needs and specific preferences.

Roles & Repertoire 

InGAME Innovation Sprints are focused on imagination, innovation and impact, rather than disciplines, skills or job roles. Ideal participants are relentlessly curious, playfully unorthodox and personally resilient, with the professional mental models and core competencies needed to collaborate across disciplines with agility. You don’t need any expertise in healthcare as all teams will work alongside a domain expert.

For this challenge we need: 

  • Designers with creative, strategic and communication repertoire
  • Thinkers from all disciplines: philosophy, humanities, business, etc 
  • Makers from all disciplines: art, design, code, UI/UX, AR/VR/XR, ML/AI
  • Storytellers who can craft compelling narratives.

What do I get?

You get to help imagine and create a better future. You get to work with other superstars to solve difficult challenges and grasp exciting opportunities. And you get to play a role in helping InGAME add scale and value to the Dundee cluster by attracting businesses and organizations, funders and investors from across the UK and beyond to work with all the talented people and companies that reside here. Most importantly, you get to establish Dundee as the innovation engine of Scotland and the UK, imagining and building a better future for all.

On a personal level, you’ll get to meet, collaborate and hang out with new people, get an exciting addition to your CV and have your contribution recorded and recognised should your solution be commercialised. Oh, and you get lunch and refreshments too!


Innovation Sprints are exciting and rewarding but intense. They are not for everyone. Our Sprints take place across two days, both 6.5 hours long. We sprint from 09:30 to 16:00, with two 15 minute breaks and 30 minutes for lunch. 

We will be imagining demonstrators in a super short time. That means we need your brilliance totally focused on the challenge for the whole sprint. There won’t be time in sprint hours to undertake other work but we do provide a breakout space should you need to deal with urgent work or personal matters. 

Code of Culture

Within our Innovation Sprints there is no hierarchy or title-based roles. There are no bosses, only challenge champions, sprint curators, sprint guides and teams. We are all working together in service of the challenge. And that means we’re individually accountable for how we participate and jointly accountable for the Sprint culture.

We have simple yet sincere and serious expectations of all participants. These are articulated in our Code of Culture, which is based on three pillars Equality, Respect and Accountability. You’ll receive the Code of Culture on acceptance to the sprint. 

Dates and Deadlines

The InGAME X KTN Healthcare Innovation Sprint will take place on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of October 2019. The closing date for applications is the 25th September 2019 at Midnight

How Do I Apply?

Applying to participate in an InGAME Innovation Sprint is a competitive process but only takes a few minutes. Simply fill in the very short form below and tell us why you are the ideal Sprint Superstar for this challenge. Thanks and good luck!