Augusto Rocha

InGAME R&D Fellow for Entrepreneurship and Technology Exploitation

Research Expertise

Entrepreneurial ecosystems, social capital, social networks, technology based-companies, and innovation

Research Interests

I am always interested on how entrepreneurial activities unfold and impact the development of specific regions. Understanding of why some places simply have more high-growth enterprises has always been an objective of my research projects. My research interests include regional development, innovation, technology transfer and public policy in economic development.

What most excites you about working for InGAME?

Most of my career evolved around technology and how individuals can create amazing things out of nothing. I believe InGAME has in its foundations the right resources and minds that can stimulate the birth of new technologies and of course… games! As the project is rooted on collaboration between industry and academy, there is a great potential to encourage creativity by using talent and top-notch innovation.

What makes the Dundee Video Games cluster special/different/unique?

The unique characteristic that makes Dundee different of other UK games ecosystem… history! A strong tradition on the games sector allows Dundee to be quite distinctive compared with other games clusters. The next level now to keep this as a successful history is to spark new collaborations amongst this ecosystem actors and promote a sustainable environment that retain and attract talent.

What is your favourite gaming experience?

I am fascinated by Prince of Persia. I have been playing since the “Shadow and the Flame” version for MS-DOS, but still need to explore the latest edition. I love fantasy platform games which provides a storyline that makes your experience immersive.

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