Chris Lowthorpe

InGAME Research Fellow (Technology Diversification), Abertay University

Research Expertise

Strategic design, game design and development processes, organizational design and sustainability, innovation in creative technologies and business models, design studies, history of technology

Research Interests

Innovation, technology and business trends, playfulness, adjacent space and cross-sector diversification of innovations, thinking and ways of working/doing, exploitation of IP, strategic design, learning experience design.

What most excites you about working for InGAME?

Helping smart, creative people do smart, creative things that can be exploited successfully. I’m looking forward to collaborating with industry, academics and colleagues to add scale and value to the Dundee cluster, helping write the next chapter in the city’s gamemaking story.

What makes the Dundee Video Games cluster special/different/unique?

A level of collaboration between industry and higher education that doesn’t manifest in the same way in other UK games clusters. If you look at the most successful creative technology ecosystems around the globe – like Silicon Valley – this collaboration is present. A sustained, equal and empathetic relationship between these sectors is crucial for creating the conditions where innovation and creativity can flourish. Plus there’s great talent and some real vision at a civic level that is transforming the city.

What is your favourite gaming digital experience?

Pong. Not just because its clarity and simplicity are so compelling, but because it represents the real birth of the modern game industries. Beyond that, I’m open to any experience that prioritises playfulness over functional doing.

Links to other work

Punk Playthings: Provocations for 21st Century Game Makers (2018)