Ruth Falconer

InGAME Co-Investigator

Other Title

Head of Division (Game Technology and Mathematics), Abertay University

Research Expertise

Simulation and Interactive Visualisation; Parallel programming (GPGPU) for procedural content generation; Broader Applications of Game Technology applied mostly to the Natural and Built Environment but broadening out to Health and Social care; Data Science including ML and AI.

Research Interests

Data Science (inc. ML and AI) related to game analytics. GPGPU and applications underpinning the creation of immersive environments. Use of game technology (GPGPU, AR/VR/MR, engines, other h/w) in new problem domains.

What most excites you about working for InGAME?

Working on ‘real’ industry-led problems; The interdisciplinary mix; Making and creating stuff that may be useful to the industry.

What makes the Dundee Video Games cluster special/different/unique?

Geographic proximity; Connectedness to the local community – most people in Dundee know someone who works, or has worked, in the Dundee games industry.

What is your favourite gaming/immersive/digital experience?

OSMOS with its physics-based game-play and ambient music; An old favourite is Professor Layton which is a puzzle adventure game on Nintendo DS now on Switch; I am currently exploring Dreams on PS4. Curious to see how the immersive VR storytelling experiences unfold in the future – I thought the Lost Myths: Sons of Ragnor historical VR experience on display at Abertay Degree show was brilliant given the development duration.

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